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Wor. Peter Todd's Masonic Poems.

Upon the Shoulders of Faith
By Noble & Bro. Peter A. Todd
Standing proud with outstretched arms
He reaches out to provide for the girls and boys
Telling them to have no fear of any harm
As he gives them each a special toy
Comforting them of the pain in their bodies
As they settle them into the Shriner’s vans seat
Carrying them into the Shriner Hospital lobby
With their nurses and doctors to greet
This is the pride and reward that Shriner’s live
To give new hope to every patient they see
It is the challenge for every Shriner to give
Each a complete and successful recovery
The road of recovery must be fast
It is made smoother by the Transportation Fund
It could be a Van, Airplane , Train or Jet Flight cast
That performs this journey of angels begun

The Promised Journey
By Bro. Peter A. Todd
Our Brother has lived by the level and square
By the way he shared his devotion and love
In times of life's trials he was there
Guided by his belief of Heaven above
The Master's carpet that he has tread
In his journey within the three lights
Has been followed by many brethren he once led
Without fear from the darkness of the night
We his brothers now gather at this time
To pay homage to this Master of many crafts
Truly of the promise of God he was not blind
That at the call, all eternal happiness is cast
The Grand Architect will receive him at the Gate
To reward him for all the deeds he's done
For this my sister and brothers is our fate
After all our challenges are won.

The Passing of The Gavel
By Brother Peter A. Todd
We give you the praise Dear God
For the history that were privileged to witness this night
Of the many Friends and Brethren of this Lodge
In which the obligations of their new Master unites
We give you thanks as the gavel is passed to Worshipful John
Leading in pride our Fraternity of tomorrow
That will in faith make us known and strong
Even in times of troubles and its sorrows
To build Fraternalism at its best
Brethren who in times of need who will always be there
To meet each challenge and new quests
Greeting each Upon the Level & Square
For there is a time to teach and moment to borrow
This is the Lesson that we live to this day
For with just a blink of an eye there is no tomorrow

By Bro. Peter A. Todd
We have met within the circles bordered by a square
To express the vision of our thoughts that we needed to share
Such as how we as brothers could build a stronger craft
Through teamwork we have attended to that task
Through titles like Hiram's Hero's or the gang of Bunker Hill
Or The Masons of West most challenges fore filled
Joe's Six Pack and The Masonic Trolls names now etched in time
The brethren of the Wayfarers supporting Jacobs Ladder true faith defined
Our goals have not gone by without the public being made aware
For wherever we traveled we have showed that we care
We have shown it through each project that each of us has chose
For in each challenge most were to the unknowing finally exposed
Our future is in youth for they will guide our way
It is up to us their mentors to share our wisdom in the lessons we convey
The sands of time has shifted through the oncoming tide
Through Teamwork we will build up the Craft with dignity and pride

First to Lead, First in Peace
By Bro. Peter A Todd
We pay homage to a great and Patriotic man
Who first led our Nation into peace
A man and brother guided by God's plan
That all pain and suffering be relieved
True to his word he guided our nation
Into one of the greatest foundations of Liberty
Never forgetting his Father of creation
And his love of Mount Vernon and his family
Never to be erased, this man of Faiths creed
For he shall live in our hearts and minds
George Washington was the First President
That created our countries Freedoms now defined
A Master of our craft equal on the Level of time
To all who were gifted to share in his deeds
Within our Circle of Brothers today we find
His reflection in the Master of each Lodge who Lead

By Wor. Peter A. Todd
With outstretched arms and open hand
They reach out to heal burned or crippled youth
Freemason's who serve throughout the land
Men of dedication with the needs of others at its roots
Children have no fear of these great men
Who wear these funny red hats.
They know that the wounds will soon mend
For it is the greatest of hospitals they are at
A staff of medical profession of the best
To take care of every want or need
Medical equipment that perform great tests
Nurses that care for each child to feed
For every dollar of donations received
Constant research and healing is done everyday
So that the pain and suffering is relieved
For these children to return to their normal play

Circle within the Square
By Bro. Peter A. Todd
In reflection to General Warren's fame
A man and Brother and leader who cared
On what Freemasonry became.
And of what knowledge he gave to share
Through the reflection of the hourglass
We have chosen to follow his lead
In the thoughts and actions of this class
Masonic heritage has planted the seed.
In making this journey upon this level of time
We will strive to fill the Lodge chairs
With men of new visions clearly depicted
Our foundation of Faith will always be there.
In the journey that many will chase
Faith, hope and charity are cast
To help our Brothers in life's load
They will have the heritage of General Warren,
And all Master Masons of our past.

Salutation to our Past Master
By Wor. Peter A. Todd
Worshipful Master you have answered the call
By leading us in the truly Masonic way
For my brother to your members you stand tall
In that your teaching in our hearts will stay
The time has come Worshipful to take a rest
To enjoy the fruits of labor you've done
We know you have been one of the best
While leading from the chair in the Eastern sun
Worshipful the lessens that you gave to impart
Inspire us taro live Square and Compass within
The teachings of the Craft to new brethren we'll impart
As we journey this path with new challenges to win

Mealtime Dedication
By Wor. Peter A. Todd
IGathered together to partake of this meal
Friendships to seek Obligations to seal
Brethren of all the Great Architect's creation
These men known worldwide as "Freemasons"
Brethren I convey unto you
Give your live's meaning and judgment true
Take time to enjoy our Creators earth
It has been ours since time's birth
The sands of time quickly flow
Just as a burning candle looses its glow
Walk along the beaches og golden sand
Truly the work of the Master's plan
Take time to smell the perfumed flowers
Each and every day and waking hour
Life is to short don't let it pass
Seek its knowledge so long and vast
In closing I wish with you to impart
Pass what you've learned from the heart
To be inherited to every brother new
Square & Compasses on the Level of time true

Time Traveler
By Wor. Peter A. Todd
Traveling through the sands of time
I've learned many great and important things
Although nothing is deeper in my heart and mind
Than of the lessons of my Masonic heritage brings
It has helped me to be a lover of life
Giving me encouragement to help my fellow man
Being a true and dedicated provider to my wife
Striving to live my life by the Master's plan
He truly has carried me part of the way
In my trials upon Life's earth
Within his teachings I obligate to stay
Till the end of my time and eternity's rebirth
So dear God to you I now ask
Lead me from the allurements of sin
For me to perform my everyday tasks
It is within your grace I wish to abide in
Empty Knowledge

Empty Knowledge
By Wor. Peter A. Todd
We have a mighty building with its many blocks
I fear the future holds a misty gloom
For this building that was once like a rock
Now only fills half a room
I ask you Brethren what will be
When nobody wants to attend
Are we really being Mason's free
Or are we just trying to pretend
Reach out to all your brothers
Please repeat this question to them
Is not our Lodge building like a mother
For all it family to unite and blend
We must strive to fill the lodge as before
Giving them a reason to want to attend
For it's not only the Craft we must explore
But the involvement to our community to extend

By Peter A. Todd
Today our class comes to its crossroads
Where we will go on our separate ways
To share with our brethren the way to grow
Through the lessons M.L.I. conveyed
In order to gain we must except change
By the way we promote our craft
Keeping our heritage in hearts to remain
In our future and not looking back
With Freedom Fervency and veal
Communicate that Freemasonry lives
Through our words and actions we appeal
To those who seek what we have to give
Walking our path upon the Square
Keeping on the Level of what we say
Helping to lead the new brethren to share
In what the book of Knowledge and light conveys

Beyond the Chair in the East
By Bro. Peter A. Todd
Some are born to follow, while others are to lead
Such a man was Bruce a follower of God's plan
A loving husband and provider to feed
The wisdom of his thoughts and his helpful hands
Once a structure of a giant among all men
But a Teddy Bear to each child he would greet
These traits in his personality would ascend
As he conducted his Leadership from the East
The sands of time will never wash away
The love his bride and family were blessed to date
For in God's Book of time is listed the day
On which they will be united within the golden gates
Sisters and Brother's we are not to fear
Through passing in Faith we gain wisdom abound
For those to who Bruce was so precious and dear
In the youth of his loved ones his impressions are found

Helping Hands Reaching Hearts
By Bro. Peter A. Todd
Thank You “CHIP” Volunteer's
With your hands you demonstrated care
For the safety of all the children you met
In this challenge the Love in hearts was shared
For this each child's parent or guardian has no regret
The trust could be seen in each child's eyes
As you gently held their hands and tended to the chore
Of giving them words of the wise
In their memories to treasure and store
In these days of shadows and veils of tears
It is hard for children to be aware
Through your devotion you have taken away fear
Replacing it by your loving hands of care
My precious God has truly blessed these days
By sending to the children people like you
Through this journey in our sands of time I pray
That all your challenges for a better life come true

Reflections of the Hourglass of Time
By Bro. Peter A. Todd
At the peak of May natures flowers grow
From the showers of God's rain
In our minds past memories flow
Of the Love from time past gained
We think of all fighting of the women and men
Who fought and died over foreign land and sea
A reflection of the Hourglass never to end
For these brave that gave their lives for our Liberty
We also reflect upon the sands of time
Of memories of those who now abide with God
They live in the hearts of those left behind
To continue their heritage on earths sod
The Sand of the Hourglass quickly flow
Telling us that time is more precious than gold
It's a mirrored reflection that won't let you go
Until the blessing of God's eternal peace unfolds

The Master Masons Journey
Upon the Level & Square
Bro. Peter Albert Todd
On this night you've made your last request
After entering within the night
My Brother we congratulate you on this quest
In the search of our Three Great Lights
Your walk has been upon the Level of Time
Just as all our brothers have done
By the Square of Virtue we are sure to find
That a new brother and friendship we have won
Your Journey has been of many challenges gained
Of your faith in the Great Architects creations
You now stand in pride to have became
A brother of many who are proud to be a Master Mason
Square and Compasses we live our Life
Through all the challenges and victories that come our way
It is in this Faith we now pray before The Great Light
The Holy Bible with all its Wisdom to convey
Welcome to Freemasonry and your Lodge

By Bro. Peter Todd
What is age but a state of mind?
Of maturing our body from youth
But toward the end you'll find
Life's lessons are of many truths
From the time that we were born
Its great lessons begin
Upon opening our eyes in the early morn
Beholding what beauty our earth has within
Up to the time we settle down to wed
To bring our own upon this earth
Tucking them in when they go to bed
Loving our children from time of birth
But the scythe of time looms overhead
As the sands of the hourglass drains
To relieve us of our life's trials we pledged
For the beauty of eternity with our God remains
So cherish the time that you have been given
Live each day to its full extent
For this is a gift of Jesus we are living
Truly our existence is heaven sent

Men of the Fez
By Noble Peter A. Todd
 They wear a funny looking red hat
These men who know where the need is at
With a smile always upon their face
Devoted to every child's needs so great
With outstretched arms and open hands
To all the children across the land
Making strides to mend weakened bones
Noble's you can reach by the dialing of a phone
Dedicated to all of the worlds children with needs
These Shriners of many vocations and creeds
Helping to heal burned or crippled  boy's and girl's
These many brethren throughout the world
So my friends these funny hats that you see
Are Shriners from all walks of Freemasonry
Noble's who encircle the entire world
Reaching out to aid all boy's and girl's
For every dollar that through donating is received
The pain and suffering of children is relieved

Traversing the Eastern Star
By Worthy Patron Peter A. Todd
Martha Washington Chapter O.E.S
We have traveled from North to West
In search of our stars crest
Together we have walked this line
My Worthy Matron and wife of mine
Circling the stars of God's great light
Never failing to grasp the sight
Of our many friends and smiling faces
Of which this Labyrinth of life embraces
Together my Worthy Matron and I
To strive anew under God's heavenly sky
Imparting good wishes and of thought
Of this wonderful journey together sought
Standing tall with our heads held high
Of its teachings that gives us pride
Remembering our loved ones now with God
After passing through this earthly sod
Together we stand united as one
In witness of God the trinity in one
Trusting in our Lord and giving him praise on high
As each days nears end and darkness is nigh

Ring of Gold
By Brother Peter A. Todd
This ring of gold means many things
To this path of life I chose to live
To my heart a feeling it brings
What God above blessed me with
The Square and Compass within red
Reminds me how my Savior died for me
For on that cross his blood he shed
His life for our sins to be free
The trowel soothes my desires
Keeping on the Level of Time
The Compasses helping me direct and inspire
Each new brother and friend I find
To me this ring is my traveling light
Which guides me life's passage way
Remembering its meaning in my sight
Never from my Masonic journey to stray


In memory of Wor. Peter A. Todd


© Copyright 2004 Peter Albert Todd • All rights reserved.